Our Services – Indiana

Dr. Dharma travels quarterly to Indianapolis, Indiana to consult and treat patients in Marion County and surrounding cities.

Dr. Dharma is an holistic health practitioner who specializes in osteopathic manipulation, cranial osteopathy, and consultations regarding integrative holistic medicine. As a dedicated health care practitioner, she offers:

Osteopathic Manipulation; Cranial Osteopathy.

Special attention to questions, from a skilled, well-trained and experienced professional.

Focused listening and comprehensive education in choosing approaches for health/healing.

Professional help in identifying problems and considering the interplay of life in the manifestations of those problems.

Education regarding choosing treatment modalities from traditional and alternative approaches.

Supplements – recommendations and availability on line.

Practitioners – recommendations of practitioner types to assist and treat.

Support, guidance & education in addressing concerns (medical, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical).

Traditional Medicare and traditional Medicaid are accepted in Indiana. Otherwise, Dr. Dharma’s services are considered “Out of Network” and each patient’s insurance pays differently according to their plan’s benefits. Patients pay at the time of service and are given forms (superbills) to file for reimbursement. Self pay patients are also welcome.