Our Services

Dr. Rose is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in family practice. As a dedicated health care professional, she and her staff offer the following:

  • Special attention from highly skilled and well trained professionals who are both accessible and available.
  • Comprehensive, confidential assessments for all members of your family.
  • Professional help in identifying and working through your pain and problems. ( Or if you need help elsewhere, she can refer you to a specialist.)
  • A choice of integrating treatment modalities from modern, traditional and alternative medical approaches.
    Individualized treatment plans customized to meet your needs and desires. Together, we will find the solution for you.
  • Support, guidance and education in addressing all of your concerns (i.e. medical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual aspects), with focus on treating the whole person.
  • Timely feedback on test results and your health status, as well as follow-up after the treatment program is complete.
  • Nutritional supplements.